Insane Urge - Two Tapes LP

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Released in USA via Under The Gun Records, Europe/ UK via Drunken Sailor Records,

Originally released on two tapes on Stucco, now available on vinyl. Ferocious, manic Punk via Austin, Texas.

Insane Urge’s blistering tempos and dense-with-hooks songwriting style remind me of Koro, but they’re also kind of snotty, with early Gang Green or Career Suicide in the mix too. The delivery is loose and chaotic a la their fellow Texans Nosferatu, but the tone is lighthearted… as with Fugitive Bubble, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone referred to Insane Urge as “egg punk.” To me, though, this is pure hardcore punk… underground, alive, and vital.
This is pure, unadulterated gremlin-y hardcore. Imagine This is Boston, Not L.A.-era JERRY’S KIDS with the franticness dialed up a few clicks. They still sound like feral punks on the verge of careening out of control, but by going straight-up hardcore and getting a little meaner, they’ve gained some tonal focus that, when paired with a much crisper, trebly production, really helps these tracks cut right into you

limited to 300 copies in the U.S.

UK/Euro folks order from Drunken Sailor