Pleasants - Rocanrol In Mono LP

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Get it into your heads... Or in what little is left of it! we won't slow down for a moment, and you just have to follow us or die trying!!! Wooow, another blast!!! With the unmistakable character of one of the hot spots from the ever fabulous Aussie scene, Perth, and involved in such lapidary bands as Aborted Tortoises and Ghoulies, we can finally bring you PLEASANTS's highly anticipated debut album on the absolutely reliable Under The Gun Records. What could you expect with such a criminal background? Just exactly what you were waiting for! What can you expect with that criminal record? Well, exactly what you were expecting. Unhinged and unleashed Rawk'n'Roll punk garage to keep you jumping and dancing until your head explodes and your brains spill out all over the floor... 2024, What a non-stop year!!!

-Tremendo Garaje