Diode-2 LP

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LA synth-punk drippers Diode bubble to the surface with 2- the next level, off the rails sequel to their already unique, deeply wonky catalog of alienized post-punk. This well-seasoned troup of rockers comprise many great bands from the LA underground scene- including Advoids, Vaguess, and Seudo Youth. Diode is a supergroup of experimentally conscious and fiercely talented like-minded folks making warped, yet endlessly catchy, dystopian rock. With 2, Diode have fortified their DNA with layers of dense, radiating synthesizers, modulated guitars, freaky vocals, and tightly wound, speedy drums. Music to hack the freakin’ system to.

After the release of their debut self-titled LP in 2020 and since playing a slew of stacked West Coast shows, Diode quickly gained local and online recognition from a widespread audience. After a few months of recent silence, the group has pulled an unlicensed weapon out of their Slash-sized tophat and shattered the silence with 2. This record is an untethered journey into a diverse landscape of synth-punk excellence. Songs like “Diode” dive into jerky and aggressive progressions, while “Card Dealer” and others are less jagged, and instead, are deeply infectious and prevailing heart-melters. The substantial 14 song record is captured on a decedent and triumphant mid-fi recording- the band now sounding more concrete and dialed than ever. This record is a wild, glitchy ride inside and out and has something for everyone- humans and droids alike. Diode should not be underestimated. They are rapidly mutating, becoming more powerful, and tearing through the frequencies of reality one record at a time.
-Sims Hardin

Includes 11x17 poster

Mastered by Andrew Oswald